our style

What‘s our Style?

Our firm’s work is not constrained by a personal style or a signature that would limit its architectural expression. Our philosophy is to create a distinct identity for each project, and communicate its unique visual and spatial characteristics.

Our clients want their homes and work environments to reflect their own ideas. We begin by asking the following questions: What expressive forms and spatial relationship do you find appealing? Are there contextual bases (old building on site, climate, views) for the aesthetic expression, and how should we respond to them?

Our clients also want their homes and work environments to reflect what they value – openness, places to stage events for entertaining friends and family, channeled views and transparency that lets the outside in, simple yet well articulated forms, community involvement, flexible multi-use spaces, respect for the environment, quality craftsmanship and details, sanctuary and quiet, and allowing the terrain to flow around, between or even under built forms.

Our clients often come to us with the following question: How can we create a different kind of home or work environment, for our changing lifestyle or culture? Our clients sense that a different kind of world is unfolding around us at the speed of light, and they want to invent new ways of living and working.