define process

Define the Process

The first step in the project delivery process is to plan for success.

Project delivery management is the art of establishing and managing the context within which work can be done effectively. We recognize that you must design the delivery process prior to designing the building. Setting the right context optimizes the time, energy, and resources of “our team”. This creates a stable working environment for managing change, generating bigger ideas, and delivering superior design solutions.

We act as facilitators, bringing together contractors, engineers, suppliers, and staff, and organizing their work as members of “our team”. Our process is open and transparent, encouraging the full participation and active collaboration of our clients. We believe in good communication, and ensuring that “our team” has all the information it needs to get the job done.

We act as information managers, generously analyzing, coordinating, and prioritizing information. We create knowledge and freedom of choice for our clients, from which they can make wise and informed decisions. We believe that educating our clients about architecture and the building process as part of our responsibility.