Our Advanced Technology Tools

We are a small firm that can “practice large” because of our advanced technology tools.

Advanced technology has transformed the way we design, document, and deliver innovative solutions. Our parametric building modeller is fun and easy to use because the computer works harder. We have the ability to produce solutions better, faster, cheaper, and more imaginatively. Our clients are surprised and delighted with the value they receive because of our impressive capabilities, including:

3D Dynamic Modeling: visualize change

  • Visualize multiple design alternatives
  • Explore what-if design scenarios to define and confine risk
  • Provide walkthrough navigation
  • Create expressive geometry
  • Co-create designs with clients
  • Increase image quality with color, shadow, and texture

Parametric CAD: propagate change

  • Eliminate waste by coordinating change and revisions
  • Guarantee consistencies by eliminating error creep in drawings and schedules
  • Encourage up-front collaboration of contractors, consultants, and suppliers
  • Enhance performance and communication
  • Control budget, schedule, and quality
  • Create a greater number of details

Web Communication: manage change

  • Research and specify materials
  • Procure products
  • Communicate with clients : e-mail updates
         Net meeting with 3D model
         Drawings sent as PDF files
         Budgets updated as EXCEL spreadsheets
         Schedules updated as OUTLOOK calendars