Firm History

Since its founding in 1993, our firm has worked with non-profit, commercial, and private clients to develop a portfolio of projects that includes: private residences, residential additions + renovations, medical offices, a high-end hair salon + day spa, a photographer’s studio + art gallery, academic buildings, and art studios in performing arts centers.

We have evolved new services to help our clients through every aspect of planning and implementing design solutions. We offer a wide range of integrated services that are effectively tailored to meet the needs of each individual project. We maintain active collaborations with multi-disciplinary consultants to compliment our in-house services.

In the year 2000, we transformed the way we create and deliver innovative design solutions to meet our clients new economy expectations. We invested in advanced technology tools that enable our firm to “practice large”. Using a CAD parametric building modeler, we rapidly prototype multiple design alternatives – to visualize, explore, and test design solutions for success. Because our tools are so fun and easy to use, our clients become active participants in a collaborative design process and experience.


As a small firm, we have grown through a process of “serial specialization” - where in-depth knowledge and experience are acquired one project at a time. We have worked with a wide range of clients that have challenged us to find new solutions to new problems. Our broad skills and confidence enable us to confront a wide range of challenges – difficult sites, demanding budgets, short time constraints, integrating new construction into existing buildings, and applying green materials and sustainable technologies in new contexts.

Our portfolio includes imaginative solutions for both traditional projects that are respectful of the past, and sustainable projects that explore new territory. Zoning and agency approval is a specialty of the house.

Regional Practice

Our firm is located in Boulder, Colorado. Our projects can be found throughout the Front Range in Boulder County, Larimer County, Jefferson County, and Douglas County.


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