design values

What are our Design Values?

We seek the right clients to work with through shared values. We connect with our clientís ideas and beliefs, and translate them into authentic environments and experiences to help them thrive. We believe that the following design values are key to creating successful design solutions.

We believe that the three enduring principles of architecture are:

  • To protect. Architecture provides shelter, security and safety.
  • To nurture. Architecture enhances physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and uplifts the human spirit.
  • To transform. Architecture embodies beauty and harmony, creates meaning through visual and spatial communication, and transforms how we regard ourselves and the world around us.

We believe that at this particular moment in time, the unique challenges of architecture are:

  • Social responsibility. Architecture must strengthen our connections to self, community and place.
  • Environmental responsibility. Architecture must have a strong environmental ethic.
  • Fiscal responsibility. Architecture must be cost effective and create new sources of value.
  • Change. Architecture must help clients reinvent their physical environment, to address the forces of change that are transforming lives and organizations.