our culture

Our Culture

We are the opposite of the big architectural firm.

We are a small firm that delivers a high degree of personal involvement by the principal. We offer our clients a unique edge, by giving them direct access to an interactive design process as true co-creators. We believe in teamwork and collaborate with contractors, consultants, and staff to produce innovative design solutions.

We are a smart firm, having embraced the “best practice” of life long learning and continuous improvement. We attend workshops and conduct in-house seminars to increase our knowledge and effectiveness. We are generous and like to share our knowledge of design and building with our clients. Our advanced technology tools allow us think harder, because our computers work harder.

We are a special firm, because we hire people with humility, a sense of humor, and respect for the uniqueness of each human being – what Zen masters call “beginners mind”. We have an open culture that is flat and non hierarchical. Our staff assumes responsibility for the customer experience as leaders, managers, and communicators.