our staff

Our Staff

Our design professionals are industry experts with over fifteen years of experience in defining, designing, and implementing building solutions. We are highly skilled and qualified with advanced degrees, apprenticeships, rigorous state board exams, and an international education behind us. We continually attend workshops to acquire in-depth knowledge, new methodologies, and advanced technology tools. We research current trends and offer this perspective early in the design and building process.

We have the skills and experience necessary to solve a wide range of complex challenges.

  • Bring us your tight budgets. We are innovators and problem solvers who can show you how to get the best value for the resources available.
  • Building codes and zoning regulations never block us. We know how to interpret codes and regulations to unlock the full potential of any site.
  • Bring us your tight schedules. Our advanced technology tools deliver solutions faster, by providing a seamless continuum between conceiving forms and implementing them.

We engage in dialogue with our clients, offering value added options to enhance the bottom line.

  • We rely on our past experience with SIPS, ICF, and high performance framing when exploring energy efficient building technologies with our clients.
  • We give our clients direct access to the design process through the use of 3D dynamic modeling - to visualize, explore, and refine multiple what-if scenarios.